Sterling Launches New Aerospace Logistics Service to Expedite Delivery of Critical Aircraft Parts

Sterling, a Kuehne+Nagel company, has launched a global Aerospace Service designed to expedite urgently needed aircraft parts from one of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) based in Seattle, Washington. This high-level service will be operating 24/7 from a Logistics Service Hub built in Seattle, staffed with Sterling drivers and a new fleet of vehicles.

The aviation industry operates within a high-paced environment and requires expedited access to aircraft components, a crucial necessity for sustaining the operational integrity of commercial airline fleets.

As a trusted logistics partner for delivering time-critical aerospace solutions, Sterling’s new shuttle service offers a secure and expeditious solution, complete with a comprehensive chain of custody protocols to guarantee the integrity of every shipment. 

Sterling’s newly established Seattle Logistics Service Hub will be overseen by aerospace logistics professionals, featuring a specialized team of drivers and a dedicated fleet of vehicles. This configuration focuses on the initial stages of transportation, effectively mitigating associated risks at the onset of the shipment.

Aircraft parts from the OEM will be picked up immediately after a client’s request, providing the fastest way to retrieve and deliver needed parts to airline operators all over the world. It will help minimize prolonged maintenance periods, and the associated costs incurred while awaiting the delivery of essential components when an aircraft is grounded.

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