Spoton Logistics recovers from the pandemic; returns to 90% normalcy

Spoton Logistics recovers to 90% normalcy

Spoton Logistics on Thursday informed about their seamless transition to the new normal. The company ended the month of June and July with a recovery of greater than 90% of pre-lockdown figures. 

The service provider has been battling the virus and delivering essential goods since the first lockdown imposed by the Government of India in March. Despite the challenges resulting from the exodus of migrant workers, driver issues, and several administrative hurdles, the company effectively ensured business continuity for all its clients and ensured the delivery of essentials such as medicines, sanitizers, masks, etc. pan India during the lockdown period.

“We are a technology and engineering-driven company and have fostered a high level of contact-less operations in our business for a long time. While on one hand, the lockdowns induced by the pandemic brought a slew of operational industry-wide challenges, on the other, it has accelerated the adoption of digital initiatives across our customer base. Businesses have now become more receptive to technology & digitization and it’s overwhelming to witness this transformation as we transition to the ‘new normal.”

~ Abhik Mitra, MD & CEO, Spoton Logistics

He added, “With support from the government coupled with persistent efforts by businesses and reviving customer demand, we are hopeful that the logistics sector will return to complete normalcy in a few months.”

The company has ensured the delivery of 20,000+ goods each day and has instituted safety protocols that need to be followed by delivery personnel. To ensure that there is no violation of the said protocols, Spoton Logistics is in the process of deploying an AI-based Video Analytics solution which identifies such violations and sends automated real-time alerts for immediate action. 

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