Spoton Logistics leverages the power of AI to ensure operational excellence

Spoton Logistics recovers to 90% normalcy

Bangalore-based express logistics company Spoton Logistics on Tuesday announced that it is deploying AI-based Video Analytics solutions in one of its largest hubs in a bid to revolutionize performance and operational excellence. The new AI-based system will add intelligence to the CCTV camera by analyzing video feed, identifying abnormal events, and sending automated alerts in real-time.

The company believes that the power of AI is proving to be a game changer. The AI-based Video Analytics solution deployed by Spoton Logistics is at the epicenter of its technological innovation and is helping the business in ways more than one. 

The new solution is ensuring COVID-19-related compliance, as it is capable of detecting distances between individuals and alerting in case social distancing norms are not being followed. Further, the algorithm also helps identify a person not wearing a mask where he/she should, thus helping in better implementation of the safety protocols.

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Moreover, the use of this solution in supply chain management has helped evoke transparency throughout the process and has provided business intelligence so as to prevent theft, pilferage, damage, etc, thereby minimizing the risk of disruption at any point in the supply chain. 

“COVID-19 has had an indelible impact on businesses. It is, thus, of the highest priority for businesses to optimize their costs and increase efficiency. Almost two-thirds of the logistics costs are hidden, which is attributable to theft and pilferage of cargo, and holding of inventory.  AI helps address this in an effective manner by automating processes and providing real-time visibility and alerts so that corrective measures can be taken. Being a technology and engineering driven company has always helped us stay ahead of the curve. Moving ahead with the same vigor, we will continue to invest in technology and automation such as Last-Mile Delivery Management, Interactive Chatbot, and IoT.”

~ Abhik Mitra, MD & CEO, Spoton Logistics

“Industry experts predict that digital transformation of the logistics sector could translate into a value of $1.5 trillion for players in the logistics sector and an additional $2.4 trillion worth of societal benefits by 2025. AI is indeed a powerful tool that can potentially unravel the critical challenges and inefficiencies in the logistics space. We have dedicated our resources to invest heavily in technology and will continue to explore ways in which it can complement our teams’ efforts and further increase their productivity.”

~ Rajesh Kapase, IT Director, Spoton Logistics

The company, over the years, with the help of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and advanced analytics has driven automation and delivered actionable insights and made intelligent business decisions affecting the company’s bottom line. The multi-modal express logistics company has well equipped itself with new-age technologies and streamlined their supply chains in a customer-centric world. 

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