Sohar Port and Freezone – A gateway to abundance

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As the Sohar Port and Freezone hosted the fifth and final webinar in its series called ‘Trade and Logistics Solutions via Sohar Port and Freezone to Maximise Your Market Reach’, it was sure concluded in high spirits. Being organised since last year, with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO), the webinars have discussed a range of topics including metals, food, and logistics highlighting the potential avenues for further bi-lateral trade between Oman and India.

The Sohar Port and Freezone has turned out to be a gateway to abundance for both India and Oman, with many Indian companies achieving success at Sohar, and many more interested in the strong logistics connections and flexible warehousing that the Port and Freezone offers. It provides Indian businesses the opportunity to access new markets, as well as the best in terms of services, infrastructure and connections. Coming from those already at Sohar, “it is the ultimate link in the supply chain.”

The Sohar Port is a deep-sea port centrally located and within easy reach of the Gulf as well as the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the few global ports equipped with deep-water jetties capable of handling the world’s largest ships, which makes it ideal to handle a wide variety of dry, break, and liquid bulk, as well as container shipping. It is connected to the Freezone via a bonded corridor, offers direct shipping lines to India as well as access to the GCC, and presents extremely competitive customs processes. The aforesaid webinars address all of this, increasing visibility in the Indian market and highlighting the many opportunities that are presented for companies.

With direct shipping lines to India and six services per week, our strategic location makes it the perfect place to start warehousing and logistics operations for a wide range of products and commodities, either for transit through Oman, or for distribution into the region. Plus, with no corporate taxes/VAT, import/export tax-free means that overall operating costs are up to 50% less than elsewhere in the region, posing significant economic as well as strategic advantages.”

Omar Al Mahrizi, CEO, Sohar Freezone

Sohar Port and Freezone has, for several years, boosted trade between India and Oman by leveraging its geographical location, competitive prices and infrastructure, and is expected to continue doing so.

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