Softlink Global unveils LogiBRAIN to empower freight forwarders with data-driven decision making

Logi-Sys by Softlink Global, has introduced a data analytics tool designed specifically for the freight forwarding sector called LogiBRAIN.

The analytical tool is a customizable data analytics and reporting tool that is available as a value-added service to all Logi-Sys users, optimizing decision-making processes and fostering a data-driven organizational culture.

Similar to other data analytics tools, LogiBRAIN extracts granular insights from the vast data that companies hold, giving decision-makers a comprehensive view of their business from Sales, Operational, and Financial perspectives.

LogiBrain offers Real-Time Data Updation, Overview Dashboard (that covers Monthly Performance, Branch Performance, Performance by LOB, Trade Lane, and more such key metrics), Advanced Filters ( allowing users to analyze any data point of interest with greater focus and clarity), Drill-Down Functionality (helping decision-makers arrive at the root cause of any event of concern), and customizable reports.

This new data analytics tool will help transform logistics management by helping enhance decision-making, optimizing routes and operations, demand forecasting, better inventory management, and delivering customer satisfaction.

LogiBRAIN can help businesses navigate logistic complexities and anticipate challenges to gain a first-mover advantage in an evolving industry embracing innovative technologies, unlocking opportunities for growth and success.

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