Softbank backs Delhivery to invest in its expanding trucking fleet


In the wake of the pandemic, logistics firm Delhivery has been working towards improving logistics efficiency and operating ecosystem to meet the increasing demand.

Last week, the company announced to invest up to INR 300 crore in 18-24 months on its trucking infrastructure, which includes increasing fleet size and setting up of trucking hubs.

Delhivery is planning to add around 150 trucks to its fleet along with setting up of terminals in key locations as the company eyes on revenue close to INR 7000 crore in the next 24 months, up from INR 2800 crore last year.

“Our total capital investment over the next 18-24 months is going to be in the range of Rs 250-300 crore. We will continue to invest behind growing our trucking network. We are going to launch three of the largest trucking terminals in the country in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, and we are also bringing on more partner fleets,”

Mr Sahil Barua, CEO & Co-Founder, Delhivery

Recently, the logistics firm joined hands with Volvo Eicher to bring in tractor-trailers into its express network.

“This is the first major deployment of tractor trailers in express trucking which is a significant step for Delhivery towards getting ready for the future and towards expanding our network and building our leadership position in this market further,” adds Barua.  

The company at present delivers 1.5 million orders a day to over 17,500 pin codes in the country.

Mr Barua, while speaking on the same, informed, “We did about Rs 2,800 crore of revenue last year. We expect to grow at least 35-40 per cent this year. At this point, we are trending higher than that but we will end up around 40 per cent higher than last year. We expect to reach close to Rs 6,000-7,000 crore of revenue in the next 24 months.”

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