‘Skyways Group’ goes green by installing solar panels to produce clean energy

In an initiative to take Skyways Group on the path of sustainability, Skyways installed 22 KW solar panel at its head office in Delhi. Skyways announced to contribute its part to support union govt’s solar vision of generating 100 GW of clean energy.

The company aims to contribute the excess energy to the government electricity grids annually by making a small contribution to the country’s ever-growing clean energy demand.

Mr Yashpal Sharma, MD, Skyways Group said, “We have commissioned a solar energy ecosystem at our Head Office in New Delhi. With this, we are aiming to address the climate emergency and contribute our bit to the society. All the offices and warehouses are fully reliant and functioning on clean energy.”

Skyways Group is currently generating 22 KW with the solar panel installations and intends to ramp it up to 100 MW by 2022. With the focus shifting to clean energy-powered transportation, the environmental challenges are being addressed in the industry.

Further, Mr Sharma said, “We also use Electric vehicles for transportation. The solar panels installation is proof of our continuous commitment to being an eco-friendly organisation”

Earlier this year, the group also conducted a tree plantation drives which saw plantation of more than 1500 trees. The group has pledged to plant 2020 trees by the year 2020.

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