Skill Development initiatives in the Maritime Sector could bring in new momentum


In a move aimed at upskilling the human capital at ports and maritime sector, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and the Ministry of Shipping signed a Memorandum of Understanding earlier this month.

The government is actively working on the effective implementation of training modules, assessment and certification process of candidates.

A press release from the ministry said, “With this collaboration, ports and the maritime sector will witness the harnessing of innate talent imbibed with the skills which will help in dealing with the rapidly changing world and lead to port-led prosperity.”

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship will identify existing Qualification Packs and develop new Qualification Packs – National Occupational Standards, aligned with the National Skills Qualification Framework for various job roles in the sectors as per the existing demand of ports and maritime unit.

Ajay Saraswat, CEO, Inter India Group said, “This initiative of the GOI of developing a robust framework of Skill Development for the Maritime industry will go a long way in attracting talent having an aptitude for the Industry. This will create enormous employment opportunities and help the sector to tide over the looming problem of shortage of skilled personnel. And the ‘new normal’ in hiring for the industry would be to hire Right Attitude and Aptitude as skill sets can then be easily imparted later.”

“This ‘catch them early and train’ approach will do away the present skill gaps of the Industry. The newly trained workforce will have a direct and measurable impact on efficiency and productivity, driving overall profitability of the organisation,” he added.

The collaboration between Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and the Ministry of Shipping will not only help in effective implementation of training modules, assessment and the certification process of candidates but also provide a pathway to existing and retired employees of institutions under Ministry of Shipping to work as assessor or trainer basis the training under relevant courses.

Under the partnership, the Ministry of Shipping will facilitate the implementation of activities related to skill development and upgradation not only through its own institutions and autonomous bodies but also through the involvement of the private sector.

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