Seafood export picks pace with Vizag port exporting seafood worth INR 15,274 crore

In the last fiscal, India exported 13.69 lakh metric tonnes of seafood worth Rs 57,587 crore- an all-time high in marine exports.

Andhra Pradesh accounted for 23.66% of the total exports from the country. In terms of value, the State registered 34.76% growth as it earned a revenue of Rs 20,019 crore through marine exports.

Vizag Port-one of the major ports in the nation has stood first in seafood exports with a share of 26.5% in value in the financial year 2021-22, registering a growth of 11.87% in export of marine food as 2.41 lakh MT were exported compared to 2.16 lakh MT previous year.

In terms of value, the port earned Rs 15,274 crore in 2021-22 compared to Rs 12,330 crore in 2020-21.

After Vizag, Krishnapatnam and Kakinada ports stood second and third in exports in the State. However, Krishnapatnam port registered a negative growth of -61.38%. Kakinada port also reported -a 99.82% negative growth in exports compared to the previous fiscal.

This fiscal Seafood export by air has also been catching pace. As compared to zero exports last fiscal, seafood export registered 460 MT this year. The revenue in the form of air cargo from Visakhapatnam has put at Rs 27.14 crore this year.

The US continued to be the major importer of Indian seafood in terms of value and volume with imports worth $3,371.66 million, accounting for a share of 37.56%. Emerging as the second largest seafood importer from India in terms of quantity with 2,66,989 MT worth $1,175.05 million, accounting for 19.50% in quantity and 15.14% in Dollars was our neighboring nation, China. 

Shrimp remains the major export item

The major export item in terms of quantity for seafood exports was frozen shrimp, which recorded an all-time high record both in quantity and value. A total of 7.28 lakh MT of frozen shrimp worth $5.8 million was exported. It accounted for 53.18% share in quantity and 75.11% share in earnings in Dollars.

Export of Vannamei (white leg) shrimp increased from 5,15,907 MT in 2020-21 to 6,43,037 MT in 2021-22. Of the total Vannamei shrimp exports, the US accounted for 59.05%, followed by China (14.59%), European Union (8.16%), South East Asia (4.78%), and Japan (3.61%), and the Middle East (3.17%). The US has become a major market for black tiger shrimp with a share of 25.90% in terms of Dollars. The export of other items increased by 43.8% in Rupee value and 42.94% in Dollar value. 

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