Russian embassy requests MEA for explanation over detained cargo ship in Cochin

Russian Embassy on Tuesday made an official request to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) requesting an “explanation” for the detention of one of its cargo ships in Cochin

The Russian cargo vessel was delivering a shipment for the Indian armed forces and was detained in connection with a claim against the ship’s owners.

While the MEA is yet to issue an official response to the query by the Russian side, The Russian embassy in India made an official statement noting its awareness of the incident. 

“According to the preliminary information, these actions are connected with the claim of the Estonian shore service company Bunker Partner OU, which claimed that the owners of the ship allegedly had a debt,” said the Embassy.

“We would like to underline that the court allowed the unloading of cargo since it has nothing to do with the lawsuit. The Russian Consulate General in Chennai is directly in control of this situation,” it added.

Further, the embassy informed that it has sent to the MEA an official request for an “explanation of the circumstances of the incident” and also asked 

the Ministry to ensure unconditional observance of the rights of the Russian ship owners and the crew.

It is not immediately known when the ship was detained.

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