Rivigo set to join the club of profitable unicorns

Rivigo, a technology-enabled logistics firm, is set to become the first unicorn to turn profitable. The company has added INR 300 crore to its topline registering a 45% annual growth last year, surpassing a four-fold rate compared to the growth for the entire logistics sector.

The company, since the beginning of the year, with its Relay-as-a-service for quality customer experience, has shifted focus from building a freight marketplace. “We believe it is important to build a freight marketplace with real value for customers and fleet owners. Through Relay-as-a-Service, we directly address the inefficiencies in trucking and solve the challenges faced by small fleet owners while providing better customer service. It is a necessary step towards becoming a profitable company that looks at a business model that not only adds to the topline but bottom line and elevates the quality of service to an industry benchmark,” said Gazal Kalra, Co-Founder, Rivigo.

Relay-as-a-Service, built by Rivigo, brings the benefit of the disruptive relay trucking model to millions of fleet owners and truck pilots in India and offers fleet owners the access to relay pilots and countrywide network of relay pit-stops. Apart from that, it also makes its patented fuel solution, maintenance and cashless payment solutions available to fleet owners in the country. 

According to Ms Kalra, “In a country like India, where quality of infrastructure and asset is a challenge, end-to-end controls fueled by deeper technology will give customers a better experience and create disruption for the industry in the long run. Hence, our focus is on strengthening the relay trucking technology and offering it as a service for fleet owners.”

The company so far has raised multiple rounds of funding to strengthen its technology and network coverage and build its patented relay-trucking network.

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