Rivigo launches Relay-as-a-Service (RaaS) for fleet owners and truck pilots

Rivigo, on Friday, launched Relay-as-a-Service (RaaS) to benefit its disruptive relay trucking model to millions of fleet owners and truck pilots in India.

The services will be accessible by fleet owners using its technology, pilots and countrywide network of relay pit-stops. It offers significant advantages over traditional trucking like air equivalent transit time, higher asset utilisation, four times safer than industry and more importantly pilots return home every day.

Gazal Kalra, co-founder, Rivigo, said, “With RaaS, we aim to offer the benefits of relay trucking to millions of fleet owners in India and bring in efficiencies in the logistics industry while directly addressing one of the biggest challenges of chronic truck driver shortage. In addition to the relay network, technology and pilots, we will be making our fuel, maintenance, cashless payment solutions also available to fleet owners in the country through RaaS. Rivigo’s mission is to make logistics in India humane, more efficient and offer better service. Offering Relay-as-a-Service to fleet owners in the country is a significant step in that direction.”

Rivigo had also launched the National Freight Index in June which gives a live spot rate on over 7 million lane and vehicle type combinations in the country.

The owner of a logistics company, who has signed up for Rivigo’s RaaS program, said, “After almost six years of being in this business, I believe relay is the only solution to the truck driver issue. I am proud to partner with Rivigo in relay. RaaS model helps make trucking efficient. We achieved 25-30% extra running per month per truck through RaaS, compared to using our resources. Hub-hub TAT was excellent, and the use of tech in all aspects of operations (fuel, maintenance etc.) is helping us see the areas of concern in our trucks. It frees our management’s time and resources on getting more business while our trucks are operated by Rivigo’s relay pilots.”

Relay Trucking is an operating model where drivers change over after every few hundred kilometres of driving through a network of relay pit-stops and then get rostered back to their home base to return to their families every single day.

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