Rice Export Boom: India Expected to Ship 18 Million Tonnes in 2024-25, Says USDA


In a recent forecast by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), India is poised to maintain its prominent position in the global rice market despite regulatory constraints. Projected figures indicate that India is set to export nearly 18 million metric tons of rice in the 2024–25 period, marking an increase of approximately two million metric tons compared to the previous year.

While India’s rice exports will constitute a significant portion of worldwide trade, they are anticipated to fall short of the record-breaking 22 million metric tons exported in 2021–22, as per the USDA report.

The USDA’s analysis of the global rice market for 2024–25 reveals a trend of expanding supplies, trade, consumption, and ending stocks. This growth is underpinned by a surge in production to 527.6 million metric tons, compensating for lower initial stocks. Key contributors to this upward trajectory include India, China, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Furthermore, the report highlights a projected record consumption of 526.4 million metric tons globally, with increased usage expected in India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. This offsets a decline in consumption in China, underscoring the dynamic nature of the global rice market.

“With the production and consumption gains projected in many of the same countries, global trade is forecasting up only slightly at 53.8 million tonnes, but still lower than levels of trade before India first imposed restrictions on rice exports in 2022,” USDA added.

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