Reduce Logistics Costs below 10% to make retail competitive: Nitin Gadkari

To make the retail market more competitive and boost the economic growth, it is imperative to reduce the Logistics cost below 10%, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari emphasized on Friday.

Gadkari said that through the announcement of the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) and Gati-Shakti programmes, the government is focusing on integrated infrastructure development.  

The road transport and highways ministry has planned to construct 25,000 km of national highways within the next two years.

In his address in an event organised by IIM-Ahmedabad, the minister said that under the NIP, a road map of 2,800 projects has been planned with a length of over one lakh km.

Gadkari believes that with the upcoming alternative fuels such as ethanol, LNG, bio-CNG, electric and hydrogen, the transport sector in India is standing at an important junction.

“Whatever policies we design and adopt right now will pave the way for the next 30-40 years,” he said.

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