Rampraveen Swaminathan appointed as CEO of Mahindra Logistics Ltd

Rampraveen Swaminathan has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Mahindra Logistics Ltd (MLL).  The appointment has come at the end of a detailed search undertaken by the Board as a part of the succession planning process.

Commenting on the appointment of Mr Swaminathan, Mr Zhooben Bhiwandiwala, Chairman of the Board said, “We are delighted to welcome Mr Swaminathan as the next CEO of MLL. He has two decades of relevant industry experience spanning Automotive, Paper and the Energy sectors. He has a strong track record of leading businesses, including having been CEO & MD of International Paper APPM, which is a publicly listed company.”

“The Board believes that he is the right person to lead MLL in the next phase of our growth. The Board wishes to place on record its sincere appreciation of the outstanding contribution of Mr Sarkari for his leadership over the last decade in growing Mahindra Logistics into a position of industry leadership and for his continuing support during this transition. Mr Sarkari will move into a significant leadership role within the Mahindra Group as part of our leadership rotation and talent development process.”

Mr Pirojshaw Sarkari, the former CEO of the company, will move to another significant role within the Mahindra group.  

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