Railways moves maiden Oxygen Express in its resolve to fight off Covid

Indian Railways has braced itself up to move an Oxygen Express in the collective fight against Covid-19. Mumbai division has pulled off a feat, of sorts, by conjuring up a ramp overnight, that too, in a record less than 24hrs time at Kalamboli goods yard for seamless loading and unloading of tankers in/from flat wagons.

The Ro-Ro service Express, bound for Visakhapatnam steel plant, took off from Kalamboli goods yard with 7 empty tankers at 8:05 PM. This train is scheduled to traverse through Vasai Road, Jalgaon, Nagpur, Raipur junction before reaching its final destination at Visakhapatnam ECoR zone where it will be laden with Liquid Medical Oxygen.

Railways, even last year, kept the supplies of commodities ticking while flawlessly managing the transportation and supply chain amid the ensuing lockdown. Notwithstanding the daunting challenges, it throws itself completely in when it comes to serving the country against all the possible eventualities.   

Interesting though, Railways took up this novel initiative of Oxygen Express when numerous states solicited it for oxygen transportation to their doorsteps. Hereinafter, Railways proceeded with few drills after thorough assessment and extensive probe into the transportation potential of oxygen supply.    

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