Railway minister confident about freight traffic surpassing last year

Minister of Railways and Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal on Saturday, at the 74th Annual Session of Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, said, the freight traffic movement through Railways will be higher than 2019-20 level despite the pandemic.

Goyal stated that the total freight traffic movement in 2019-20 was about 1,200 million tonnes, and by the end of March 2021, the Railways will exceed last year’s level.

The minister informed that despite September being a lean month, for the first time during the past 10 years, freight movement touched 100 million tonnes.

He further added that the average speed of a freight train almost doubled to 50 km an hour from last year’s level of 23-24 km. The increase in speed also helped industries bring down inventory levels.

Speaking about the recently introduced Kisan Rail, Goyal said, the service for transporting perishable goods has seen a 15 per cent increase in traffic.

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Furthermore, Goyal, who is also the Minister of Commerce and Industry also talked about making India a global supply chain.

He said, “India can surely be part of the global supply chain and a reliable partner,” adding that “building capabilities, scale and good manufacturing practices are the need of the hour”.

He said that economic recovery will be rapid and it will be V Shape. “India will bounce back strongly, though some sectors like tourism, hotels and restaurants, aviation, entertainment will take more time,” he informed.

He also said that the Government has brought some game-changing reforms in agriculture, labour, capital market, space and defence to strengthen India’s engagement with the world.

“We have to reform, perform and transform,” the minister remarked.

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