Logistics Insider Magazine: March Issue 2021




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Logistics Insider, on its cover feature for the March issue, takes a critical stand about the new e-way bill rules and how it can be a countermeasure against the very idea of Ease of Doing Business. We spoke to transporters and associations to have a closer look at the ground realities.

The Special Feature explores the entire episode of the Dedicated Freight Corridors and its potential to disrupt the logistics sector. A data-driven foresight accompanying the Special Feature speaks about the annual cost savings to be expected out of the DFC.

The Regional story takes us on a tour of the country’s first MMLP being built in Assam.

The exclusive interview with Mr Asad Shaik takes us through the supply chain process of V-Guard Industries. In the Logistics Leaders segment, we interviewed Mr Rahul Agarwal, MD, KOOLEX Cold Chain in the March issue. In SCM Spotlight, Mr Shammi Dua, Lead – Supply Chain CSL, Unilever has written an article titled – Bizzare War Mars 5 Star.

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About us

Logistics Insider is an industry-specific logistics media company that covers stories, news and articles around the transport and logistics ecosystem.

The company is the brainchild of a young and dynamic team of professionals who have seen the logistics industry from a close purview and want to bring about a change in the attitude of the media in terms of reporting happenings in the world of supply chain and logistics.

We are on a mission to build a platform that will provide logistics professionals from different sectors a knowledge network in order to engage with the industry. It will provide them with a pedestal to talk about innovation and reforms that could change the face of the Logistics Industry.

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