PM Modi to unveil double-line electrified freight corridor of the DFC

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the electrified double-line section connecting the Western and Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridors, running from New Rewari Junction to New Khurja Junction.

Linking the two corridors, the 173-km long section was built at a cost of Rs 10,141 crore and has six stations along the route — New Boraki, New Dadri, New Faridabad, New Prithla, New Tauru, and New Dharuhera.

This strategic freight route reduces running time between Khurja and Rewari by up to 20 hours, bypassing the congested NCR area.

Notable engineering feats include a one-km-long double-line rail tunnel with unique high-rise OHE electrification, suitable for double-stack container trains.

The section also includes a 2.76 km viaduct at Sohna, avoiding divisive earthwork in the city, and multiple bridges and flyovers.

The section contains three river bridges, three rail flyovers, 24 major bridges, 79 minor bridges, 16 road overbridges, 32 major road underbridges (RUB), 17 minor RUB and eight-foot overbridges.

The section links DFC with Indian Railways at Dadri through a 4.54 km long Rail Flyover (RFO).

This corridor traverses diverse terrains, passing through key states such as Uttar Pradesh, touching Bulandshahar and Gautam Budh Nagar, Haryana with its presence in Faridabad, Palwal, Gurugram, Mewat, and Rewari, and extending into Rajasthan, reaching Alwar.

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