Pioneering the Future: Oxagon in NEOM Unveils World’s First Integrated Port and Supply Chain System

Nestled along the Red Sea in Northwest Saudi Arabia, Oxagon emerges as a beacon of innovation and sustainability within NEOM, ushering in a new era of advanced and clean industries. Positioned as a greenfield opportunity, Oxagon stands at the forefront of Industry 4.0, embodying the principles of circularity, and redefining the conventional industrial city landscape.

Accelerating Connectivity

Oxagon’s ambitious mission revolves around the creation of a net carbon-zero, fully automated port, and an integrated supply chain. This strategic endeavor aims to expedite regional and global market connectivity, positioning Oxagon as a key catalyst for NEOM’s growth and economic development.

Revolutionizing Logistics

At the heart of Oxagon’s transformative vision lies the world’s inaugural fully integrated supply chain, poised to revolutionize logistics solutions for NEOM and beyond. Groundbreaking technologies seamlessly blend physical and digital networks, tailored to meet the unique needs of NEOM’s burgeoning industrial landscape.

Automation and Autonomy

Oxagon’s integrated supply chain system sets unprecedented global benchmarks, ensuring high-quality and efficient services. Leveraging advanced sequencing and autonomous freight corridors, the system guarantees swift and precise deliveries. Automated warehouses and fulfillment centers, complemented by autonomous last-mile vehicles, form a comprehensive delivery suite catering to NEOM’s diverse regions.

A Circular Approach

In harmony with nature, Oxagon exclusively harnesses NEOM’s abundant solar, wind, and hydrogen resources to power its Supply Chain and Logistics (SC&L) network. The commitment to a zero or net-positive environmental impact extends to responsible collection, handling, and transportation of discarded materials, aligning seamlessly with NEOM’s core circularity initiatives.

Intelligent Integration

Oxagon’s SC&L operations thrive on the Integrated Digital Supply Chain Orchestration Platform (IDSCOP), a proprietary digitized logistics operating system. This intelligent integration anticipates issues and provides end-to-end solutions, fostering seamless coordination between delivery assets and infrastructure. Beyond enhancing automation efficiency, IDSCOP positions NEOM to actively engage with the global supply chain network.

Port of NEOM

As the crown jewel of this visionary initiative, the Port of NEOM stands as the world’s most technologically advanced, efficient, and sustainable port. Envisioned as a pivotal catalyst for NEOM’s economic expansion, its strategic location ensures rapid market access, becoming the cornerstone of regional economic growth.

Efficiency through Integration

This innovative port integrates facilities, logistics centers, and rail delivery operations into a single facility, setting a precedent for a compressed and efficient supply chain model. Leveraging sea transportation not only reduces carbon footprint but also significantly cuts costs, as the port connects globally through weekly container shipping services.

Commitment to Sustainability

With a commitment to 100% renewable energy sources and 2 million square meters of advanced logistics space, the Port of NEOM exemplifies progress in maritime infrastructure. The substantial road kilometers saved compared to road freight underline its dedication to sustainable solutions for handling general cargo and specialized needs.

In Conclusion

Oxagon emerges as a trailblazing hub for advanced and clean industries, spearheading the creation of the world’s first fully integrated supply chain. Together with the technologically advanced Port of NEOM, this collaborative effort not only propels NEOM’s growth and economic development but sets a global benchmark for efficient, sustainable, and intelligent logistics solutions. In charting a course towards a net-zero carbon future, Oxagon and the Port of NEOM lay the foundation for a transformative chapter in the world of logistics and supply chain management.

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