OZU Logistics Marketplace Shines Bright At Techlog Innovate Startup Challenge

OZU Logistics Marketplace, represented by Mr Paramvir Singh Maniktala, bagged the coveted Supply Chain Maverick startup challenge at Logistics Insider’s flagship supply chain tech event – the Techlog Innovate.

The combination of advanced technology, comprehensive logistics solutions, and community empowerment positioned OZU as the winner of the startup challenge. As global supply chains become increasingly complex, platforms like OZU offer a simplified and efficient approach to managing these challenges, benefiting both businesses and individuals alike.

Paramvir Singh Maniktala, CEO, OZU Logistics

OZU is dedicated to empowering direct-to-consumer brands and exporters to effortlessly expand and sell their products globally. The company provides an intuitive, all-in-one logistics platform designed to seamlessly connect brands to warehouses, shipping carriers, and marketplaces worldwide. Their logistics platform is built on an integrated SaaS model that leverages API connections and dedicated support to fulfill its promises. This robust platform ensures that businesses can manage their logistics operations with ease, reducing the complexities often associated with global trade.

In addition to supporting businesses, OZU empowers individuals through its peer-to-peer application. This feature allows ordinary people to act as delivery persons, making money during their daily commutes. This not only provides a source of income for many but also enhances the efficiency of last-mile delivery services.

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Logistics Insider organized its flagship event – the Techlog Innovate – on 30th May 2024 in Mumbai. The event embarked on a journey through the ever-evolving world of modern-day supply chains and analyzed how technology creates a whirlwind.

The event agenda focused on emerging technologies, sustainable supply chain management, and digital transformation strategies – all presented by prominent supply chain leaders and experts. A part of the event highlights was the startup challenge, where 3 innovative startups showcased their groundbreaking solutions, competing for the title of Supply Chain Maverick.

Out of all the entries received, three promising startups – OZU Logistics Marketplace, Intemo Technologies, and 24th Mile – got the chance to present their business models in front of the jury and tell them about their respective organizations.

Judging the startups on various parameters, the jury table sat Mr. Satish Lakkaraju (Global Head – Air Freight and Pharma, Wiz), Dr. Pramod Sant (Supply Chain Expert) and Mr. Saurabh Kumar (Chief Executive Officer – Retail & Real Estate, Kaleesuwari Refinery).

While OZU Logistics Marketplace took the big win, the other two startups, Intemo Tech and 24th Mile, were also acknowledged as great ideas and upcoming disrupters in the field of supply chain management.

Vinayak Temgire, Director, 24th Mile

24thMile offers intelligent logistics solutions tailored to both small and large businesses, fostering growth and operational efficiency. The company provides a comprehensive service portfolio that includes Freight Comparative, Booking, and Tracking services, along with Export-Import Status Reports. It prides itself on offering prompt, cost-effective logistics and supply chain solutions on a global scale. By integrating advanced technology with unparalleled industry expertise, 24thMile is redefining logistics management, ensuring that businesses thrive in a dynamic global market. The startup was represented by their Director, Mr Vinayak Temgire.

K.N. Karthikeyan, Co-Founder, Intemo Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Intemo is a vertical SaaS platform for the cross-border supply chain that provides a one-stop platform for Freight Forwarders, LSPs, and Shippers to automate any external operations, where these entities have to connect to other players in the cross-border supply chain. Through its AI-based, proprietary plug-and-play platform, Intemo helps its clients integrate their existing ERPs and internal systems via APIs with the rest of the supply chain, thereby enabling end-to-end digitalization through a single platform. Intemo Tech was represented by Co-Founders Mr Mani Ambalavanan and Mr K.N. Karthikeyan.

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