This company has secured full clearance to conduct BVLOS Drone Trials

Omnipresent Robot Technologies, which is working with ShopX as a drone consortium partner, has recently announced that it has become the first drone company in India to receive full clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs to conduct long-range beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone operations trials.

At present, the drone operations are permitted only upto 500m in visual line of sight. However, this new regulation will allow drones to fly hundreds of kilometres in a single flight. It will give impetus to a whole range of applications including ecommerce, food and medicine delivery.

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“We have tied up with ShopX for this purpose and look forward to disrupting this segment with their support,”

~ Aakash Sinha, founder, Omnipresent Robot Technologies

Speaking on why Omnipresent was the first company to get the top level government approval, Aakash remarked “There could be many factors: first being our credible record. Secondly, extreme safety standards in our drone technology, like engine failsafe, battery redundancy and emergency parachute and smart obstacle avoidance systems. These features make our drone system virtually crash proof and suitable for long-range civilian operations.” 

“We are proud to be a partner with a cutting edge AI/Robotics company like Omnipresent. With this partnership, our goal is to introduce a fascinating innovation in the unorganized supply chains in the country. Drones will become viable first for B2B, and can change the economics of the industry.”

~ Amit Sharma, CEO and co-founder, ShopX

Jabong Co-Founder, Praveen Sinha who also runs an NBFC Pincap welcomed the decision of the Government and said, “By becoming the first company to secure government approval, Omnipresent Robot Technologies has demonstrated their superiority and technical brilliance over others in this space. They are the first movers and the service will be a game-changer which the supply chain has long needed in order to cut costs and ensure faster deliveries to the end consumer. I am confident the team at Omnipresent will continue to innovate and improve on their product which will help e-commerce companies cut costs and streamline their logistics.”

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