Oman Optimistic: Adani’s Duqm Port Investment Holds Promise for Indian Collaboration

In a recent development, Oman expressed high optimism about potential Indian investments in the country, particularly focusing on the Duqm port development by the Adani Group, according to Saleh Hamood Al Hasani, Public Advisor to the President of the Government Special Economic Zones and Free Zones in Oman.

It may be noted that Adani Group has signed a deal to acquire the development of Duqm Port under the “Investment in Oman” program in Muscat.

At the event, Al Hasani explained that Oman is actively seeking opportunities to attract development. He said the deal with Adani remained open, stressing his commitment to exploring development opportunities with various countries. Al Hasani highlighted the strong partnership with India, expressing continued satisfaction and optimism that Adani officials would take positive decisions to facilitate cooperation and development.

It has been observed that India has shown keen interest in the Duqm port in Oman. This happens for several reasons. including a convenient location. Duqm Port is a seaport and road terminal located in Duqm, Al Wusta Governorate, Oman. Integrated in the Duqm Special Economic Zone (SEZAD) Duqm Port, located 550 kilometers (342 miles) south of the capital Muscat, has ship repair facilities and a dry dock overlooking the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Duqm Port is important to India’s maritime port infrastructure in the Indian Ocean. The role is that it competes with China and, moreover, can gain easy access to the Red Sea through the Gulf of Aden, so its sea power has increased.

Part of the ambitious Sezad project (Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority) in the Sultanate of Oman, the port is ideally located to serve the emerging east and west corridors as a hub of economic activity, with easy access to the sea on ships serving the Indian and African markets.

In addition, Duqm Port is important for trade and investment purposes and is located in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), where a $1.2 billion Indo-Omani joint venture has been established.

The port also allows Indian military ships to maintain dry docks, strengthening India’s military presence in the region.

To summarize, Duqm Port is important for India’s trade relations as it provides strategic location, investment opportunities, joint ventures, military utilization, and maritime cooperation, all of which contribute to India’s presence in the Indian Ocean region.

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