Om Logistics Expands into D2C Shipping with RapidShyp

With the Indian e-commerce market currently valued at $60 billion and expected to reach $350 billion by 2030, the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) landscape is ripe for innovative solutions to meet the escalating demand.  Seizing this opportunity, Om Logistics, a prominent player in B2B logistics has now forayed into D2C shipping with its new venture, RapidShyp.

RapidShyp aims to be a transformative force in the shipping industry. It leverages Om Logistics’ over three decades of expertise to redefine industry standards in D2C shipping. As the only aggregator with comprehensive experience across the entire supply chain, RapidShyp is well-positioned to offer unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

“As the eCommerce market continues to evolve rapidly, we are excited to introduce RapidShyp as the next-generation solution. It’s here to bridge the critical gap in technology access, ensuring businesses of every size can leverage cutting-edge shipping solutions to thrive,”

Raghav Singhal, Executive Director at Om Logistics.

“Sellers can fulfill eCommerce orders from various sales channels on a single platform, no matter where they sell. By leveraging our advanced technology, we provide a seamless order fulfillment process that not only streamlines operations but also significantly enhances the overall customer experience,” Singhal added.

The ease of launching D2C businesses in today’s tech-driven environment continues to attract numerous entrepreneurs. However, scaling these ventures and ensuring their long-term growth remains a formidable challenge due to rapidly intensifying competition. Efficient shipping has become more crucial than ever—it is fundamental to delivering products directly into customers’ hands, which is critical to customer satisfaction and retention. Without robust shipping solutions, maintaining a successful D2C brand can be particularly challenging.

RapidShyp will equip eCommerce sellers with advanced yet economical shipping solutions tailored to support businesses of all sizes and stages of growth. By integrating cutting-edge technology, advanced logistics capabilities, and industry-leading expertise, it’s certain to deliver unparalleled value to businesses seeking to optimize their shipping operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

“We want sellers to say goodbye to complicated shipping processes. Many sellers still struggle to find reliable partners for their shipping needs. To address this, we want to be a one-stop solution for all their supply chain needs,”

Ravi Goel, Chief Business Officer at RapidShyp.

“We have a team of seasoned shipping advisors dedicated to assisting sellers at every stage of their shipping journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Offering access to 10+ courier partners, the platform allows integration with multiple storefronts and marketplaces and assists sellers with an intuitive courier recommendation engine- SmartSelect, daily COD remittance, and technology designed to reduce NDR and RTO. With improved delivery rates, end-to-end tracking, and user-friendly technology, we streamline shipping operations, allowing sellers time and effort to focus on what they do best—growing their core business,” Goel added.

As RapidShyp embarks on its journey to redefine D2C shipping, it remains dedicated to upholding the highest service quality, transparency, and reliability standards. With its unmatched experience in the entire supply chain, RapidShyp is poised to set new benchmarks for customer experience in the shipping industry.

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