NTC Logistics aiming to join $ 1-Billion club

NTC Logistics India, a premier name in the project logistics sector, has introduced two new offerings, Everrenew energy and SCINNTC which are expected to place the company in $ 1-billion club by the year 2025.   

Everrenew is a project management solution to the renewable industry and SCINNTC will serve the purpose of delivering synchronised supply chain solutions.

“We strive to meet every customer’s dynamic supply chain demands with accuracy and are aiming to become a $1-billion company by 2025.”

K Chandramohan, Chairman and MD, NTC Group

The expected time frame for these projects to grow to a value of $1 Billion is of five years, where the Everrenew will achieve 300-400 Crore and SCINNTC is expected to generate a turnover of 500 Crore in the next five years.

The Everrenew service offerings will certainly include identification of land, data analysis to ascertain project viability, permits and approvals; land aggregation and development, including civil and electrical works, logistics, installation & commissioning.

According to V Balaji, CEO, SCINNTC, this project will offer customers complete warehouse management that includes returnable packaging solutions and the first and last mile connectivity.

The company will also target other sectors such as industrial, life science, healthcare, energy, consumer & FMCG altogether.

The two projects are expected to take the company to a new height in the near future and will strengthen its position in the sector.

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