No arbitrary stopping of goods at ports: Nitin Gadkari

Traffic fall by 20% in India's major ports

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has clarified that there was no arbitrary stopping of goods at Indian ports, earlier this week.

This clarification came after reports surfaced about consignments originating from China being scrutinised at ports and airports, leading to huge delays and holdups in the clearing of goods ranging from electronics to pharmaceuticals.

This physical examination of Chinese imports was said to be the outcome of an IT system-based alert.

“With regard to stopping of goods on Indian ports, it was purely context specific, in reply to one very specific question by the anchor. Later, I have also discovered that there was no arbitrary stopping of goods.”

~Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for MSME and Road Transport and Highways said on Twitter

Gadkari also went ahead to share that the government is in the process of introducing path breaking reforms for MSMEs to become self-reliant.

“Indian business has the strength and skills to grow further and power our journey towards self-reliance. Under strong leadership of PM Modi, the Government of India is proactive and initiating path-breaking reforms that will help businesses and MSMEs”, Gadkari said on a tweet.

On Tuesday, Gadkari also shared that the government was mulling over ways to boost India’s exports, and a presentation for the same was made before the Prime Minister earlier this week.

He spoke about the presentation focused on boosting outward shipments,as he  addressed a virtual interactive session organised by Domestic Air Cargo Agents Association of India.

Gadkari also said he was hopeful that a solution will be found in the next 4-6 months to address the issue of delay in payment to micro, small and medium enterprises.

He said, “A lot of money owed to MSMEs was stuck with the government of India and its undertakings, state governments and their undertakings and major industries, due to which the units were facing difficulties”.

Last month, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced that MSME receivables from the central government and CPSEs will be released in 45 days to inject the much-needed liquidity to millions of units in reeling under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This announcement was made on May 13.

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