New Kid on the Block: India’s Largest Multi-Modal Logistics Hub in Greater Noida

Greater Noida is set to become a cornerstone of India’s logistics infrastructure as the Uttar Pradesh government’s plans for the development of a multi-modal logistics hub (MMLH) materialize. The project, located in the Dadri area of Greater Noida, represents a significant investment of INR 7,064 crore from the state government. It is, in fact, a crucial part of UP’s financial strategy to achieve a USD 1 trillion economy. The hub’s core development will occupy 455 acres out of a total expanse of more than 800 acres, making it the largest logistics hub in the country.

The ambitious project aims to establish Dadri as a world-class freight handling facility, functioning effectively as a dry port to facilitate the swift transit of goods and raw materials. It enjoys the benefit of a central location, strategically positioned on the eastern and western dedicated freight corridors, which will enhance its role as a central node for logistics services. This includes container handling, warehousing, cold storage, processing, de-stuffing, stuffing, and value-added packing.

The development of the MMLH will be done through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority and the National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust (NICDIT). This collaboration ensures adherence to national standards and integrates advanced logistics solutions.

Essential offerings of the MMLH will include rail platforms, customs clearance facilities, cargo segregation areas, truck parking zones, and extensive green spaces, ensuring seamless rail connectivity and efficient cargo management.

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority has prepared a comprehensive Master Detailed Project Report (DPR) for constructing the approach track and Rail Over Rail (ROR) bridge, extending from New Dadri station to the MMLH boundary. The DFCCIL has approved the DPR, which includes the construction of railway tracks and terminal stations within the MMLH. The tender documentation for land acquisition and signaling processes for the approach track has also been finalized, paving the way for swift project execution.

Simultaneously, significant progress is being made in developing the trunk infrastructure necessary for the hub’s operation. This includes boundary work, roads, canals, bridges, utility relocation, and the provision of water and power supply. These developments are being carried out in various implementation phases, ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient construction process.

The development of the MMLH in Dadri is expected to have far-reaching implications for India’s logistics sector. As the largest logistics hub in the country, it will play a critical role in reducing transit times and costs, enhancing supply chain efficiency, and boosting the overall competitiveness of Indian businesses on a global scale.

Moreover, the project aligns with the government’s vision of modernizing infrastructure and fostering economic growth. By facilitating the seamless movement of goods and integrating advanced logistics technologies, the Dadri MMLH will contribute significantly to the state’s economic aspirations and reinforce India’s position as a global logistics hub.

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