Navigating the Crossroads of Commerce: Exploring the Dynamics of US-India Trade and Logistics Optimization

In an era where global trade dynamics are constantly evolving, the intersection of commerce between the United States and India stands as a critical crossroads. With a keen eye on logistics optimization, XPDEL & ADVATIX – a global supply chain expert specializing in e-commerce, logistics, fulfillment and logistics and a 3PL company – not only assists businesses in keeping fulfillment costs low but also plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of US-India trade relations. We got into a gripping conversation with Manish Kapoor, Founder and CEO, XPDEL & ADVATIX, where he shared insights into the companies’ strategies, the challenges and opportunities present in the US-India trade dynamic, and the indispensable role of 3PL companies in guiding businesses through the intricate market nuances of the Indian subcontinent.

We think about ADVATIX & XPDEL combo here. We’re already in the US and now in India. We’re already set up and managing the largest last-mile delivery fleet with the team here. So I think we’re 7 years ahead of the market in terms of US and India supply chain connection. We’re ready and now things are coming up and we’re waiting for this opportunity. The whole point of my trip to India is to let the companies know in both countries that this connection is there. Our team has extensive experience in the supply chain with more than 20+ years as the average experience.

With the new leadership in India, things have opened up quite a bit. The tension between India and China is also helping our country. I am therefore anticipating a big change in manufacturing in India. That is also going to require enhanced supply chain services. Companies in the US are also looking towards manufacturing in India and their goal after that becomes moving the products back to the US with the lowest cost and highest efficiency. We’ve already done a lot of heavy lifting. Our goal is how do we make it as easy as possible for US companies to leverage India.

We’re watching closely how the market and opportunities here are opening up, considering the impending general elections. It will be interesting to see how things unfold since there is a lot more uncertainty in the US than in India due to various reasons. We have to make sure we don’t over-index. Right now we’re getting ready to support all modes of transportation in the supply chain according to what happens next.

There are companies in the US, especially on the e-commerce side, that want to expand to India. There is already a setup here that they can use, which forms an important part of our 5-year game plan. We are going to facilitate easy supply chain operations for businesses in both countries with a ready-to-use setup.

I think change is a part of normal business and you have to always be ready. The biggest unknown right now is anything related to the elections in both countries and what it will lead to. Secondly, for us being in the supply chain industry, another complexity is the geopolitical conditions that currently exist. Because that really affects the cost of moving goods across continents.

The way we’re preparing is to have the right solutions that help us adapt to the changes. We do that by working closely with the clients to understand their needs. Also, when it comes to our technology, everything is based on what the clients or the market needs, rather than developing just a random idea. This makes us a lot more relevant as far as the technology is concerned and the services we offer.

Throughout the COVID period, this team sitting here did not miss a single day because we were also managing medical deliveries in the US, which is mission critical. So the resilience and experience of the team have already been proven. We’re not a novice team and our foundation is considerably strong.

This is an abridged version of the interview published in the February edition of the Logistics Insider Magazine. To read the complete interview, click here.

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