The Reality Behind ‘National Logistics Day’: A case of mistaken identity?

We started off today not expecting anything unusual. But within a few hours, I was contacted by various people asking if we are going to publish anything related to National Logistics Day. Not entirely sure about it, I decided to explore in that direction and reached out to my editor. And yes, we found it worth the effort. There were many blogs/articles carried by big and small publications, as well as those posted by people who are part of the logistics industry.

But what was surprising was that none of the sources based in India truly acknowledge the reality of National Logistics Day. It seems like there is a level of ambiguity around the concept and its origins, especially due to its name. So we decided to indeed publish something to mark the occasion.

Now, we do realize and appreciate the significance of the supply chain industry across the world. It has been hailed as the lifejacket since the pandemic and COVID-19 is said to be the ‘Cinderella Moment’ for the supply chain and logistics industry – and rightly so. What started with Christopher Columbus and Vasco Da Gama, now moves the world, quite literally!

However, contrary to popular (or mistaken) belief, National Logistics Day is not a globally recognized calendar event but rather a trademark owned by Logistics Plus Inc. In 2019, the company – headquartered in Pennsylvania’s Erie – partnered with the Registrar at National Day Calendar to create June 28th as National Logistics Day™ – an annual day to recognize and appreciate the importance of the logistics industry in the United States.

Further, in 2021, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania issues a House Resolution naming the National Logistics Day™ as an official state holiday and the Transport Intermediaries Association backed the event with its Member Appreciation Month. The month of June is, therefore, the time to recognize the out-sized – and often underappreciated – role of the logistics industry within the greater transportation ecosystem of the United States. More recently in 2022, the U.S. House of Representatives, along with the state of Ohio and South Carolina made formal proclamations to celebrate the annual holiday.

It is heartwarming to notice that the celebration is transcending borders, finding its place across many countries, including India. While we are totally game for appreciating and celebrating those engaged in the supply chain and logistics industry worldwide, we also want to make an attempt at exploring the truth behind this event.

In America, National Logistics Day™ was officially registered to designate a specific date for promoting awareness regarding the industry’s importance and acknowledging the often-overlooked individuals responsible for its triumph. It transcended political and geographical barriers, riding the wave of increasing digital presence, yet many remain unaware of its origin. Consequently, numerous individuals in India, eager to recognize the logistics sector’s invaluable contributions, erroneously presume that National Logistics Day™ is universally celebrated.

There is absolutely no intention to discourage the commemoration of the remarkable accomplishments in the logistics sector, despite the absence of an Indian National Logistics Day. Our sole purpose is to advocate for the creation of an occasion that authentically acknowledges and celebrates the achievements and confronts the challenges encountered by logistics professionals in India, rather than adopting a holiday meant for another nation, which could lead to confusion.

Rather than replicating or rejecting National Logistics Day™ entirely, what can be done is that logistics organizations and associations in India could collaborate to create a distinct celebration, tailored to highlight the Indian logistics landscape. This collaboration could serve as a platform to honour industry accomplishments, engage in meaningful discussions about the sector’s future, and inspire the next generation of logistics professionals.

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