Nashik’s Long-Awaited Air Cargo Services Begin, Promising Economic Growth

Air cargo services have commenced from Ojhar Airport, marking a pivotal moment for Nashik’s business and agricultural sectors. The inaugural shipment, comprising 100 kg of roses bound for Delhi, signifies the beginning of this eagerly awaited service.

The initiation of air cargo operations fulfills a longstanding request from Nashik’s populace, particularly those in industrial and agricultural fields. Local businesses are expected to benefit significantly from this development, as it offers a reliable and streamlined method for transporting goods.

IndiGo Airlines is spearheading the initiative, operating around six flights to various destinations, including Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, and Goa. In addition to these passenger flights, special cargo flights are regularly departing from Ojhar Airport.

Recognizing Nashik’s potential as a cargo hub, Sharjah Airport included Nashik as an air cargo destination last year. However, the lack of open cargo access and consistent services limited the benefits for the general public. Previously, airlines like Jet Airways and SpiceJet offered cargo services for up to 3-5 tons of goods, but these were halted following the suspension of SpiceJet’s operations from Ojhar Airport, causing significant inconvenience for exporters.

With IndiGo now offering regular cargo services, Nashik residents and businesses can send up to 5 tons of goods to New Delhi daily. This renewed service is expected to enhance the efficiency of exports and provide a much-needed boost to the local economy.

Local officials and business leaders have expressed optimism about the positive impact of these cargo services. The ability to efficiently transport goods, especially perishable items like roses, is seen as a significant advantage for Nashik’s exporters.

The resumption of consistent air cargo services from Ojhar Airport marks a new chapter for Nashik’s connectivity and economic growth. As the city continues to expand its reach in domestic and international markets, these services will play a crucial role in facilitating trade and supporting local industries.

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