Mumbai’s CSMIA witnesses a 28% rise in EXIM movement in CY 2021

Even amidst the various challenges that arose in global supply chain due to the pandemic, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) witnessed promising signs of EXIM movement going back to the pre-COVID days. CSMIA’s Air Cargo terminal in CY 2021 handled a record 7.7 lakh tones of cargo which is 28% more than around 6 lakh tones of cargo facilitated in 2020. CSMIA in the past year facilitated the increasing demand of export goods across the globe and has month-on-month witnessed a steady rise in shipments while combating the second wave of Covid-19.

In CY 2021, of the approx. 7.7 lakh tonnes of cargo handled, around 2.1 lakh tonnes was facilitated domestically while over 5.6 lakh tonnes was facilitated internationally, thus, recording a 30% rise in domestic volume and 27% rise in international volume in comparison to CY 2020. The overall cargo volume at CSMIA is expected to witness a 10% growth in CY 2022 and is projected to achieve 95% of pre-covid volume by the end of CY 2022.

CSMIA has successfully mobilized essential commodities across India and the world considering the fact that essentials including pharmaceutical goods, vaccines, COVID-related aid & agro products saw a prominent rise in the past year. CSMIA, since the start of the pandemic, has handled over 10,000 cargo relief flights and transported over 12,000 tonnes of COVID-19 relief cargo which includes Covid vaccines & medicines, Oxygen concentrators & generators, diagnostic kits, medical equipment, face masks & face shields etc. 

Engineering Goods, Documents & Samples, e-Commerce and Postal Cargo emerged as the top goods that were transported the most domestically and automobiles, pharmaceuticals and engineering goods were the top goods in demand internationally in 2021. In the overall share of Export Cargo, Pharmaceuticals were seen to be the highest transported goods contributing to 26%, while Agro products/Perishables contributed to 15%, Automobiles at 13%, engineering goods at 11%, chemicals, garments, dangerous goods, and live animals were the rest of the goods. 

Exponential growth was witnessed in export shipments for Frankfurt, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Omaha while Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Katowice, and Fuzhou witnessed a rise in import goods from CSMIA in CY 2021. For the same time period, CSMIA enhanced its international connectivity with the additions of Khrabrovo, Rockland, Rokeby, Bari, Huharaz and Lahr.  CSMIA welcomed Silkway West Freighter operations in July 2021 and Hong Kong Air Cargo Freighter operations in Sep 2021 enhancing capacity to Baku and Hong Kong sectors.

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