MP govt initiates land acquisition process for development of Pithampur ‘green’ MMLP

The Madhya Pradesh Government has initiated the process of land acquisition of around 250 hectares of land in Pithampur with an aim to develop a fully integrated multimodal logistics park (MMLP). This state-of-the-art logistics park will fulfill most of its energy requirements through ‘green energy’ and is expected to generate employment for around 10,000 people.

According to Rohan Saxena, MD, Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation (MPIDC), they have received all the administrative approval from the state government to develop the multimodal logistics park in Pithampur. The proposed MMLP in Pithampur will be connected with a railway line from Tihi Railway Station, NH-3, proposed Ring Road and Pithampur main road.

“As per the design, the facility will have a solar panel installed on its roof to generate alternative energy for electricity supply,” he said, adding that MPIDC has started the process of land acquisition.

In addition to utilizing energy from wind and water, senior officials are also exploring possibilities to generate ‘green energy’ through other sources, as also suggested by the union minister Nitin Gadkari during his Indore visit on Monday.

The officials are contemplating reusing waste water of the industries by treating the same in the facility for washing and other purposes. Other sources of ‘green energy’ could be – installing a plan to generate hydrogen through wastewater to power generators and using ethanol for the same, besides, using bio-CNG and LNG to fuel the vehicles.

“Design & facilities to be installed here are yet to be finalized but we are exploring all possible sources of ‘green energy’ to reduce dependability on conventional power stations and fuel,” the MD said.

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