MoCI organises first PM Gati Shakti NMP Regional Workshop in Goa

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has organised the first PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan (NMP) Regional Workshop for Central and West zones today in Goa to discuss formulation, implementation and monitoring of logistics policies. The Workshop will be chaired by the Special Secretary, Logistics Division, DPIIT – Ms. Sumita Dawra. Various infrastructure and social sector ministries and departments of the Central as well as State governments will be participating in the Workshop.

“The aim is to ensure that there is enhanced outreach & usage for planning of PM Gati Shakti NMP, institute a mechanism for Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), identify gaps and develop tools for increased connectivity to economic nodes and clusters, identify common challenges and issues in adoption and implementation of PM Gati Shakti NMP, and discuss a roadmap for adoption of PM Gati Shakti for planning at the district level,” said a statement from MoCI.

Demonstrations of the best practices and use cases by ministries and states will be showcased during this workshop. There will also be a plenary session for states to showcase the formulation, implementation and monitoring of their respective States Logistics Policy.

“Significant progress with regard to onboarding the identified 14 social sector Min/Dept. has been achieved. With constant engagement, these Min/Depts are being sensitized about the advantages of integrating social sector assets onto the NMP platform.” said Sumita Dawra, Special Secretary (Logistics), DPIIT, MoCI.

The Special Secretary hailed the PM Gati Shakti NMP as the glue that binds all planning and implementation of infrastructure and social sector projects/schemes together, for holistic and integrated development. She also said that the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) for data management is being undertaken with Central Ministries and State Governments for data sanitization and standardization as well, which will ultimately optimise the initiatives of the NMP.

“The key objectives of regional workshops include, a demonstration of State Master Plan for all the stakeholders and of use cases, presenting benefits of integrated planning, sensitizing and capacity building of state officials to mainstream usage of State Master Plan for planning and implementation and monitoring of infrastructure and social sector projects,” the ministry said. Such regional workshops will ultimately ensure a wider and better adoption and execution of the initiatives under the NMP.

The Gati Shakti NMP recognises the roles that states/UTs play in the development of economic zones and multimodal connectivity infrastructure, and it ensure that all 36 states/UTs have an Empowered Group of Secretaries (EGoS), a Network Planning Group (NPG) and a Technical Support Unit (TSU) for integrated planning and synchronized project implementation. 30 essential data layers such as land records, economic zones, forests, wildlife, roads, soil types etc., have been identified and integrated into the dedicated State Master Plan and National Master Plan platform.

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