Mobile Applications enabling the future of logistics

We are in the twenty-first century, and we are headed towards technological infinity, positioning people’s expectation at the zenith degree every single day.

The customary chores of Generation X and Y, like chatting, meeting, working, gaming, shopping, travel, navigation, reading, music, banking, dining, teaching, learning, movies, series and so on has evolved with technology so much so that everyone wants everything readily available in their pocket. The smartphones and other smart gadgets have now become indispensable considering the outreach desires and expectations of people. The contemporary era has even left the laptops, desktops, Smart TVs, outmoded. Welcome to the age of Mobile Applications. Technology is no longer an option, but a necessity.

The logistics industry is no exception in terms of technological advancement. The industry is enduring the progress steadily, however, still lags for handy and consumer-friendly processes. It is high time the cargo fraternity experiences easy access platforms and applications to effectuate supply chain tasks. There is a dearth of services that enables service-users to stay on top of their tasks while on the go.

In a crucial attempt to fill this gap, the tech-logistics software solutions provider, LogYcode, has paced its development process to serve the need of the hour. The LogYcode mobile app extends the comfort of working and carrying out some entangled tasks as easy as mobile gaming or online shopping. The user can now check and compare live market freight rates, book shipments, refer to tariffs, create and manage freight documents, track shipments, get bill invoices, book transportation, 24×7 chatbot and customer service and a lot more using the LogYcode mobile application which is freely available on Google Play store for download.

Digital integration and technological remodeling is imperative for simpler, cost effective, convenient, transparent and accurate implementation of supply chain functioning. Based in Delhi NCR, LogYcode is an e-cloud and web-based platform empowering and easing the freight forwarding industry with digital potency.

In the imminent hours, LogYcode’s endeavour is to automate and digitalize the logistics industry and aiming at unfurling a gamut of services in Air, Ocean, Road transportation and Warehousing. The ultimate goal is set to provide a neutral e-commerce logistics marketplace with one-stop-shop-solution for all logistics prerequisites.

Why choose LogYcode?

  • Spot rates on all major airlines
  • Query & Booking management
  • Published tariff reference
  • AWB/ documents creation and management
  • Stage-wise Live Tracking
  • Customer management
  • Prompt customer support and Chatbots
  • Generation of billing and invoice
  • Customer portal to access tools
  • Full breakdown of shipment cost
  • E-dockets

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