Ministry of External Affairs reprimands US Consulate over order to restrict Russian ships

The US Consulate reportedly wrote to the Mumbai Port Authority last month in bid to restrict entry of Russian ships at the Mumbai Port. According to sources, the Ministry of External Affairs has rejected the effort and said that the US consulate should have followed the proper diplomatic route instead of directly contacting the local authorities.

The matter has come to our attention. The relevant embassy has been advised that the appropriate channel for any such diplomatic communication is through the ministry of external affairs and the embassy in New Delhi,”

Arindam Bagchi, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson

The US Consulate wanted the Russian merchant vessels to not be granted entry to the Mumbai Port because of the American sanctions imposed on Russia. Bagchi also said that on the larger issue of economic and trade linkages with Russia, India’s position has been articulated quite clearly on several occasions in the past.

Though India has dodged all situations to criticise Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and has rather resorted to dialogue and diplomacy, the US officials have time and again said that the sanctions are to disable Russian government’s ability to fund the war against Ukraine, and that India should not accelerate the purchase of oil & other commodities from Russia.

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