Disaster averted as Coast Guard rescues stranded crew near Mangalore Port

Indian Coast Guard vessel ‘Amartya’ rescued 13 crew members from a flooded Dredger Trivedi Prem in the wee hours of Monday near New Mangalore Port Trust in Karnataka.

New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) had received a message from Trivedi Prem, at 2:40 AM, that the Master and crew had abandoned the vessel. After receiving an alert, the Coast Guard ship Amartya was sent with a rescue team to help the crew.

According to an official statement by NMPT, the Coast Guard vessel picked up 13 crew member of Trivedi Prem at 3:25 AM. “The repair team consisting of 7 people who were left on board were rescued by the Pilot Launch of NMPT and brought to the shore,” the statement added.

Throughout the rescue operation, the sea was rough with heavy swell and current, along with poor visibility and heavy rain.

NMPT is making efforts to save the vessel and also to prevent pollution at sea. “All the statutory authorities have been informed. The situation is being continuously monitored by Coast guard and NMPT Disaster Management Tea,” the statement added.