Mahindra Logistics to focus on skill enhancement of D&I candidates

Mahindra logistics Ltd. (MLL), one of India’s largest Integrated 3PL solution providers, revealed that the diversity hiring ratio for the current financial year stands at 15%, thereby, showing its commitment to the Diverse & Inclusive (D&I) agenda. The company also announced its association with GTT Foundation to train 200 individuals in various skills across the country to strengthen the D&I hiring, by leveraging untapped talent pools, enhancing engagement and more importantly, embracing a sense of oneness.

This pride month, the company takes pride in constantly recruiting from the LGBTQIA community – both on its rolls and the rolls of its business partners for various operations. MLL will train individuals from the community in building skills like digital marketing, data entry, tele calling, enhancing their soft skills, among others.

We have committed to a multi-year investment in skill development and training of individuals from the LGBTQIA community, Persons with Disabilities and Women from modest backgrounds. Our association with GTT Foundation to train 200 individuals is the first phase towards this commitment. We will continue to encourage and value diversity through our policies on adding talent and develop various skills within these communities through our employees, associates, business partners and customers.”

Mr. Rampraveen Swaminathan, Managing Director and CEO, Mahindra Logistics Ltd.

GTT Foundation has been working with marginalised communities to help them become employable and build sustainable livelihoods. They will partner with MLL to extend employability training for LGBTQ community, Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and women from humble backgrounds across India.

Aligned to its five-year roadmap, the company has actively employed differently abled and conducts sensitisation sessions for employees and have done infrastructure audits to assess the readiness to hire People with Disabilities and worked accordingly for their ease in operation. Across the 3 batches of ex-servicemen under the V.E.E.R. (Veteran Employment, Engagement and Retention) programme, MLL has hired JCOs/NCOs, Officers at the rank of colonel and ex-servicemen.   

Gender diversity continues to be a challenge, specifically in the logistics sector. To bridge the gap, MLL is one of the sector leaders to initiate a special initiative called – ‘Udaan’ – a second careers (comeback) program and second career internship program for women at all levels, functions and divisions.

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