Maersk to expand its warehousing presence in India

Following its acquisition of Hong Kong based LF Logistics, Maersk plans to double its warehousing presence in India. It wants to transform into a 360 degree logistics solutions provider with reach across continents. “Maersk, including LF Logistics, will have a total of 19 warehouses with a total footprint of 2.68 million sq.ft. by the end of 2022 in India,” said Ryan Best, Maersk’s Regional Head of Logistics & Services for West Central Asia.

According to Best, Maersk will be expanding to reach more than 5 million sq.ft. warehousing space in India by the end of 2023, on the back of 14 additional sites across the country. Maersk and LF plan to enhance their warehousing space in India by three times in the next 3-4 years, said Prem Ramachandran, Managing Director of LF Logistics in India. Joining forces with LM Logistics will enhance Maersk’s B2C warehousing locations and give them the opportunity to leverage world class capabilities in the omnichannel space, considering that LF is a contract logistics company in the omnichannel B2C space.

Maersk has been in India for 20 years. It offers regular services to and from 15 of India’s main ports, as well as 45 inland acceptance depots and 25 sales offices.

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