Exporters of Made In India products pin their hopes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

upcoming amazon black friday sale

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have been marking the onset of the holiday season in the United States for decades – as customers shop gifts in bulk for their friends and family – and was introduced online by Amazon as early as 2005. This year, the Made in India dream will go global as more than 70,000 Indian exporters, who are part of Amazon India’s Global Selling Programme, will offer their products on Amazon’s global websites between the 25th of November to 29th of November. A diverse range of products including Home & Kitchen, Apparel, Health & Personal Care, Office Products, Jewelry and Furniture etc. will be offered to Amazon customers globally.

Black Friday is celebrated a day after Thanksgiving in the US, with retailers luring in shoppers with special deals and huge discounts. Online retailers had started offering special promotions on the Monday that followed Thanksgiving weekend, hence the name Cyber Monday.

Amazon has taken initiatives to aid the Indian exporters for a smooth selling experience by helping them identify consumer trends & offload appropriate products in the market, getting their inventory ready, sorting the logistics solutions and guiding them to chalk up a marketing strategy.

The BFCM sale marks the beginning of the global holiday season. Coming right after the festive season in India, it has traditionally been a key growth period for our selling partners and with more and more people relying on e-commerce for products globally, we believe that the 2021 BFCM sale period will help accelerate the exports business for our sellers.”

~ Abhijit Kamra, Amazon India Director of Global Trade

He also said that through their Global Selling Programme, Amazon will provide patronage to make exports easier and accessible for MSMEs throughout India, thereby, contributing to the Government’s vision of boosting exports.

AGSP was launched in India in 2015 to help Indian MSMEs and exporters to augment their reach to other markets throughout the world. It has surpassed USD 3 billion in cumulative sales till now. In January 2020, Amazon had made three important commitments to India – digitally enabling 10 million MSMEs in India, enabling exports worth USD 10 billion and creating one million incremental jobs – by 2025.

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