Lufthansa’s Expansion Signals a Boon for India’s Air Cargo Industry

In a strategic move to enhance its connectivity with India, Lufthansa Airlines is set to increase the frequency of its flights to and from the country. The surge in flight frequency, slated to reach 64 flights per week starting January 16, marks a substantial increase from the current 56 flights per week. This expansion is not only a testament to Lufthansa’s confidence in the Indian market but also holds promising implications for India’s air cargo industry.

George Ettiyil, the senior director for South Asia at Lufthansa, unveiled the airline’s plans, emphasizing the introduction of a Frankfurt-Hyderabad route using Boeing 787–900 aircraft. Commencing with five weekly frequencies, this route is poised to strengthen Lufthansa’s connectivity within the Indian subcontinent. Additionally, a recent addition to its repertoire is the Bangalore-Munich flight service.

Ettiyil highlighted a significant development by reintroducing the Airbus A380 on the Delhi-Munich route. This move translates to a remarkable 25% increase in capacity and represents Lufthansa Group’s most extensive expansion in any major market worldwide since the onset of the pandemic. Such enhancements in fleet capacity underscore Lufthansa’s commitment to catering to the growing demand for air cargo services.

The increase in flight services is not merely a response to renewed travel demand; it is a strategic move to position India at the forefront of Lufthansa’s global growth trajectory. Ettiyil shared that by June this year, Lufthansa aims to elevate its per-week frequency to 68, signifying a steadfast commitment to the Indian market. India is poised to surpass pre-pandemic levels in terms of capacity, making it the first major market globally to achieve such growth.

Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi have been identified as pivotal cities for Lufthansa’s operations, serving as crucial links to its three hubs of Munich, Zürich, and Frankfurt. This increased connectivity holds immense promise for the air cargo industry, facilitating the seamless movement of goods between India and key international destinations.

The boost in flight frequency is a game-changer for India’s air cargo industry. Lufthansa’s expanded services create a conducive environment for increased cargo shipments, leveraging the enhanced capacity and efficient connectivity. As Lufthansa aims to surpass pre-pandemic levels, the air cargo industry stands to benefit from a reliable and extensive network, streamlining the transportation of goods both domestically and globally.

Beyond passenger services, Lufthansa’s commitment extends to the realm of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. Lufthansa Technik, the group’s MRO arm, is actively exploring opportunities to expand its footprint in India. This exploration aligns with the broader strategy of fortifying Lufthansa’s presence in the country and contributing to the development of a robust aviation ecosystem.

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