Lufthansa Cargo names B777F ‘Namaste India’ to commemorate Germany-India relations

After a 6 decade long fruitful relationship with the Indian air cargo customers, that started in 1959 and blossomed even further with the introduction of long-haul freighters in the 1970s, Lufthansa Cargo in celebration of this enduring relationship has named its B777F ‘Namaste India’ 

Although the freighter has been part of Lufthansa Cargo’s fleet since August 2020, its naming ceremony had been postponed because of the pandemic.

“The air carrier has been naming aircraft after its main markets within its global route network since 2013. The Namaste India respectful greeting symbolizes the close connections that exist between Germany and India,”

Ashwin Bhat, chief commercial officer, Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa has offered airfreight capacity to and from India since 1959 and has continuously expanded its capacities on the sub-continent. Since March of this year, increased flight numbers and added cargo capacity to and from the increasingly busy Indian hubs of Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai illustrate the decades of established airfreight connections between the nations, says Lufthansa Cargo.

With B777F freighters from Frankfurt, Mumbai is currently served four times a week and Bengaluru and Chennai twice weekly.

Lufthansa Cargo, transported some 65,000 tonnes of cargo to and from India, last year. In pre-COVID 2019 the annual overall volume of transported cargo to and from India was more than 108,000 tonnes.

“For decades, Lufthansa Cargo has been an important and reliable partner in and for India. I am extremely pleased to personally mark this partnership and success story in the context of this freighter naming ceremony in my home city. It is our goal to continue connecting India with other markets around the world and to support the strong development of the Indian economy,” Baht adds.

In another positive air transport industry development, the gradual post-pandemic reopening of Indian airspace to commercial passenger flights in March of this year has now seen Lufthansa more than triple the number of passenger flights operated.

“From 10 weekly passenger flights, we now offer a total of 32 weekly connections. At the same time, we increased freighter flights to Mumbai to four a week and thus considerably offer more options for our customers to transport their goods with the flexibility, reliability, and quality that Lufthansa Cargo is known for. And there will be more to come,” Bhat emphasizes.

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