Logistics startup Zipaworld plans to capture the domestic market through investing in Radiant X-Ways Logistic

Logistics startup Zipaworld is planning to capture the domestic market with a strategic outlay by investing a stake in Radiant X-Ways Logistic Pvt Ltd, a 10-year-old domestic logistics company excelling in express distribution and domestic transportation by air and surface. Radiant X-Ways Logistics is a known name catering to the express distribution; first, middle and last-mile connectivity requirement for clientele across electronics, automobile spare-parts manufacturers; pharmaceutical etc.

This strategic investment comes soon after the launch and implementation of Zipaworld’s Ocean Freight digital platform.

Radiant has a pan-India presence with 39 offices across 27 states of India. They have more than 50,000 Sq Ft area of supply chain facilities across India and a strong workforce, handling more than 1000 Business Orders daily. In addition to this, their wide network of warehousing network assists in secure storage and rapid movement of cargo.

The Board of Directors of Radiant X-Ways Logistic Pvt Ltd has nominated Dr Ambrish Kumar, the founder of Zipaworld, as the Chairman of Radiant.

“The investment in Radiant marks another milestone for us as we aimed at encompassing and connecting more than 26000 zip codes across India, to the global gateway digitally through the Zipaworld platform.”

~ Dr Ambrish Kumar,, founder, Zipaworld

The Managing Director of Radiant X-Ways Logistic Pvt Ltd Mr Prabhakar Pandey expresses his enthusiasm and thoughts stating, “We are keenly contemplating Zipaworld’s holding and backing in Radiant, mainly for digitizing and automating the whole domestic circuit that forms our expertise. Our valuable clients will be highly benefitted with automation and technological advancement”.

Zipaworld aims to have a lot more in store for the near future like extensive coverage of the North Indian market with the help of eco-friendly electronic vehicles, data mining and venture into sheer automation with the help of Machine learning and AI.

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