Logistics startup CargoFL launches app to help organisations tackle COVID-19

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, emerging Startup CargoFL last week launched a corona awareness and prevention app which helps one understand their level of preparedness for the impact of the disease.

The app enables employees of any company to obtain real time information about COVID-19 symptoms and helps connect with doctors online for a free consultation.

Further, the app connects one with NGOs to get medicines and food ration for low-income distribution employees like drivers, sweepers, etc

With the help of the app,companies can push Corona related SOPs, Guidelines & Circulars,etc. in addition, this app also asserts importance especially when one is employing laborers or workers, etc. Also, it helps take the Corona Awareness training as it facilitates real information (instead of fake news and information floating in social media like Whatsapp, etc).

Furthermore, the customers can see metrics regarding how many of their employees have called in sick, how many are critical and how many are undergoing treatment, etc. The Corona Readiness metric can be generated for every organization thus Govt will have a real-time view of the on the ground metrics on Corona.

CargoFL is providing access to this app for free to companies and organisations. Currently, companies like PMPML (Pune Public Transport Govt Body), Tempcon Express & DNX Cargo Pvt Ltd are using this application.

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