Logistics players urge policymakers to revitalize Goa’s stagnant industry, ties hopes to Mopa cargo terminal

With infrastructure challenges persisting, Goa’s logistics sector remains stuck in a state of stagnation, and industry insiders are now looking to policymakers to translate their promises into concrete actions by addressing the sector’s identified shortcomings.

While assurances of developing Goa as a logistics hub have failed to attract fresh investments, the opening of the international cargo terminal at the Manohar International Airport, Mopa, has given the industry player a newfound optimism.

“There is no functioning crane at the moment at the Mormugao Port that can Iift containers or other cargo. If we have Mopa airport and we have a functioning port as well as the two rail lines and the improved road network, then we will be setting the base for Goa to become a logistics hub.” said a mentor for the CII Goa Panel on Logistics, Anthony Gaskell.

Gaskell said that manufactured goods and pharmaceutical products are currently transported by trucks to the Jawaharlal Nehru Port, also known as the Nhava Sheva Port.

The private sector is placing its hopes on Goa’s logistics policy to rectify the situation. Key infrastructure gaps include the need for dedicated land for logistics parks, modern truck terminals, well-maintained roads, and expedited approvals for investments.

Anthony Gaskell highlighted that having a policy is just the first step, and the crucial question is what actions will follow to implement it effectively.

“There’s no specific area dedicated to logistics at the moment in Goa, and if we’re to attract serious investors in logistics to put up modern warehousing or a logistics park, then we need to have some land that they can come in and invest in. We’re hoping that some land can be dedicated for that under this GIDC policy.”

CII Goa is organizing a logistics conference aimed at bringing industry players and policymakers together to collaborate on bridging these gaps. Additionally, CII has requested the state government to consider connecting Mopa airport with the Konkan railway network.

Anirudh Agrawal, Chairman of CII Goa, anticipates the commencement of international cargo flights from Mopa by year-end and emphasizes the efficiency of a single-line railway for handling both cargo and passenger traffic compared to road infrastructure.

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