Logistics Movement Soars in Madhya Pradesh Amid surge in Farm and Industrial Supplies

An increase in shipments of farm and industrial supplies in the first quarter of the financial year has boosted logistics movement from Madhya Pradesh’s commercial capital. A successful rabi crop harvest and a rise in industrial supply shipments have led to heightened logistical activity, resulting in delays for some southern and Himalayan destinations, according to truckers.

Rakesh Tiwari, state president, All India Motor Transport Congress, Madhya Pradesh said, “Logistic movement has gone up substantially in the first quarter and bookings for the rest of the weeks are also high. Bookings for farm supplies and agricultural supplies like pumps, machine parts and others have increased and the volume is higher than the past season.”

With over 90 percent of truckers engaged in transportation, the estimated daily movement of trucks from Indore is around 4,000-5,000, according to the association of transporters. Transporters reported that most truckers and transport companies are booked at least a week in advance due to the surge in shipments.

Vijay Kalra, former vice president, All India Motor Transport Congress (West Zone) said, “Farm load has jumped and is expected to remain higher because Madhya Pradesh is largely an agrarian economy and in the harvesting season crops and other related products are transported from the state to other locations in the country.”

The All India Motor Transport Congress indicated that the transport load, driven by agricultural crops, grocery items, and industrial goods, has improved and is higher than last summer. March to June is the peak season for transporters, during which over 50 percent of the annual load is transported.

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