Asia Logistics & Supply Chain Congress & Awards organised; Logistics Insider bags Best Digital Magazine award

World Logistics & Supply Chain Congress & Awards recently presented the Asia Logistics & Supply Chain Congress & Awards on December 1st in a virtual initiative.

Logistics Insider bagged the “Best Digital Magazine 2020 in The Logistics Industry” award in the event which was participated by 321 attendees from 13 countries in a niche gathering.

The event was graced by leaders and stalwarts from the industry. The theme of the event “The Next Big Leap” was set to the tune of the New Normal that the logistics and supply chain sector is presently undergoing. Amid challenges and unforeseen hindrances on the route to recovery, the New Normal has been a tougher phase for the logistics sector to go through, in comparison to other industries in terms of these challenges.

The event was an august gathering of minds wanting to steer their business through tough times amid the unprecedented crisis that the year has witnessed. It saw an enriching round of discussion between the speaker and panellist while sharing their knowledge and experience on the platform.

The chairman of the event- Chakravarthi Avps, Global Ambassador of World Packaging Organisation spoke on the global and regional influence of the pandemic on the Logistics and Supply Chain sector while focussing on how to survive in the present circumstances and thrive in the future.

Recognised as the ‘Most Influential Leader in Packaging Industry’, Mr Avps is also the CEO, Managing Director of Eco bliss India.

The event was supported by Shamal Machinery Trading Pte Ltd, Singapore, Media Partner Logistics Insider, Speakers & Delegates.

Sunil Arora, Managing Director, Delta Air & President ACAAI and Reshma Nilofer, Pilot – SPMP were awarded the “Most Influential Leaders in Freight and Cargo Service Industry”.

Aditya Shah, Executive  Director, Vtrans India Pvt Ltd and Hemant Bhatia, Director,Tulsidaskhimji Pvt Ltd were awarded with the “Most Influential Leader in Logistics and Supply Chain” while Nizamappas, Founder, YesGo& My Print Career was awarded with the “Most Influential Leader in Exports and Print- Packaging Industry”.

TPAC Packaging Pvt Ltd was awarded the “Exporter of the Year” award.

The event witnessed insightful discussions by Shankar Chatterjee, Chairman & MD, S Cube Trans Continental Group,Udaykumar K. Rakibe, Ph.D Founder,PharmaMantra TM and Shantanu Bhadkamkar, Managing Director, ATC Global Logistics Pvt . Ltd.

World Logistics & Supply Chain Congress & Awards is strategically supported by CMO Asia & World Marketing Congress. The event is governed by an Advisory Board that consists of senior professionals from the industry.  The World Federation of  Marketing Professionals is their Knowledge Partner.

Dr. R L Bhatia is the CEO and Founder of the program. The events are hosted in 23 states of India and 18 countries globally.

Amid the trying times, the Asia Logistics & Supply Chain Congress & Awards was a rejuvenating change that witnessed powerful interactions and practical solutions to the present problems stimulated by rounds of discussion among the key panellists, making it an event to remember.

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