Logistics Department rolls out LEADS survey to evaluate efficiency across states and UTs


In an attempt to measure the efficiency of the logistics ecosystem of States and Union Territories UTs and suggest action points for further improvement, the Logistics department under the Department of Commerce, has launched the LEADS (Logistics Ease Across Different States) survey for 2021, today.

The survey is an attempt to get the logistics industry’s feedback with data prior to the launch of the National Logistics Policy. The survey is deemed to address the ease of doing business in terms of technologies, people, processes & multimodality to strategise the policy and identify the interventions that the government should introduce.

First launched in 2018, the LEADS index ranks logistics efficiency of states and union territories is based on indicators such as infrastructure, services, timeliness, traceability, competitiveness, security, operating environment and efficiency of regulation. The first two editions of the LEADS index had ranked Gujarat number one.

The third edition of the LEADS survey is a pan-national survey of logistics sector stakeholders (such as trader/shipper export/import firms, freight forwarders, transporters, logistics service providers, terminal operators, etc.) to evaluate their perception of the logistics environment within the states/UTs.

The survey segregates the respondents according to the nature of the market they deal with (export-import, domestic), position in the company (senior management, middle management, supervisor, operations executive), freight transport mode they deal with (road, rail, airways, waterways), commodity type they deal with (bulk, containerised, perishable, parcel, special, refrigerated, liquid)and the nature of involvement in the supply chain trader, transport service provider, terminal infrastructure provider, logistics service provider).

The survey gives the option to select three states or UTs in India, while it asks logistics professionals to rate the quality of logistics infrastructure, road infra, rail infra, multimodal, unimodal terminal infra and warehousing infra in these states or UTs along with three specific issues faced. It also takes the respondents through their opinion on freight rates efficiency, prices for terminal services, timeliness of delivery, digital connectivity and security.

Part- B of the survey is to seek your opinion on specific components of the three dimension of logistics – infrastructure, services, and operating and regulatory environment.

Touted as in-depth and comprehensive, it is also being considered as the precursor to the National Logistics Policy because it involves 16 ministries (shipping, civil aviation, land transport, commerce) and 12 sub-sectors of logistics.

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