Locus listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling “


Locus, a global B2B SaaS company, announced that it has been identified as a Representative Vendor by a leading research and advisory company Gartner in its report on “Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling”.

The report gives an overview of the Vehicle Routing and Scheduling market and lists vendors

As per the report, “Vehicle routing and scheduling (VRS) applications are evolving into solutions in which the routing algorithm is almost becoming a secondary feature. There is an increased focus on new technologies, such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and on functions such as last-mile fulfillment and customer experience,”. 

The Locus platform uses deep machine learning and proprietary algorithms to offer smart logistics solutions like route optimization, real-time tracking, insights and analytics, beat optimization, efficient warehouse management, vehicle allocation and utilization. Locus also helps companies optimize their end-to-end supply chain network with its strategic consulting offering. 

“We believe being named by Gartner Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling as a Representative Vendor reinforces the value we add to our customers. Supply chains have become increasingly complex these days. On top of it, COVID-19 has made life tougher and exposed the lack of collaboration, coordination, and visibility in the supply chain. Locus’ solutions help streamline supply chain operations, thereby bringing supply chain to the forefront of businesses.”

~Nishith Rastogi, Chief Executive Officer, Locus 

The company has achieved a peak of 2 million+ orders processed in a day (200,000 orders an hour). It solutions are now well tried and tested on over 500 million+ order deliveries, and it enjoys an operational expansion to over 1000+ cities across the globe. 

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