Legacy logistics company Jeena & Co. and Hermes Germany step into strategic partnership


Leading logistics and supply chain company Jeena & Co. and German-based Hermes World (part of the Global Otto Group – a globally active retail and services group, operating in over 30 countries in Europe, North & South America and Asia) have come together in a strategic and exclusive partnership, where Hermes will represent Jeena in Germany and Jeena will represent Hermes in India. Jeena has been handling the Otto business for over three decades and this association is now one step further in forging the relation spread across Sea & Air freight.

Speaking on this partnership, Stephan Schiller – CEO, Hermes International said “Jeena and the Otto Group have already been working together for more than 30 years. It therefore made sense to deepen this cooperation when setting up the Sea & Air business segment (now Supply Chain Solutions) at Hermes”.

“Working with a local expert like Jeena gives us and our customers an advantage in the Indian market. Despite its considerable size, Jeena is a family-run company with fast decision-making processes, a sustainable strategy, and great personal relationships at all levels – everyone benefits from this corporate culture”.

~Stephan Schiller – CEO, Hermes International

”Both Hermes and Jeena, as an owner-managed family business, share an open corporate culture, a mutual appreciation and motivation that characterizes a profitable collaboration. Further, the duration of the collaboration already speaks of the tremendous trust that has been built over the years – and, of course, to the organisations’ business growth. Especially in challenging times, it is important to have long-standing and reliable partners at your side. With Hermes, we have built up a very trusting relationship and efficient cooperation over the years and also in personal capacities.”

~Sam Katgara, Partner, Jeena & Co.

Working together gives both organizations the opportunity to understand each other’s business and cultural nuances, which is a huge benefit for everyone involved. In addition, both organizations strongly believe that the way business will be conducted in the future will be digital. Accordingly, they have invested heavily in new technologies to provide customers with an exemplary service experience that will raise expectations for the industry as a whole.

India has enormous potential both as a procurement and sales market: In addition, the pandemic has made global corporations to look at a China + one strategy to develop their value-chain and de-risk any challenges or disruptions. Strategic international partnerships have gone one notch above and are basing their businesses on trust & reliability besides costs & affordability. Jeena, as a largest freight forwarder in the country today & Hermes coming together will mark such a shift in the logistics solutions category. Together they envisage 15 – 20% revenue growth annually in the next three years.

With a GDP of approx. 2.7 billion US dollars in 2020, India is one of the largest economies in the world. And with the average age of its populace at 28.4 years together with a growing proportion of the population working in the industrial or service sector, the country promises enormous development potential – from which also European companies can benefit. Although the Corona year 2020 was accompanied by a decline in exports, goods approx. worth $276.23 billion were still exported. In 2019, the export volume was $324.34 billion.

In addition to textiles, jewelry and software products, the most important export goods include industrial goods such as chemicals and petroleum. For European companies, India is therefore proving to be a versatile market with great opportunities.

About Jeena & Co.:

Jeena & Company is an end to end logistics service provider with a network of 27 offices that serve over 320 plus locations across India and partner reach across 80 global destinations. As one of the oldest brands in the segment, Jeena caters to a vast range of sectors, through its specialized subsidiaries, which reflect the focus and customer-first approach of the company

About the Hermes Group:

Hermes is a leading global logistics services company providing logistics solutions primarily to the retail industry. Headquartered in Hamburg, it is a subsidiary of the Otto Group. The company is a leading specialist for retail-related services and partners numerous distance sellers in Germany and abroad.

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