Layoffs Sweep Through Freight and Logistics Companies Across US

Recent weeks have seen a wave of layoffs and closures sweep through the freight and logistics industry in several states, including Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas.

Universal Logistics, based in Warren, Michigan, has announced the permanent closure of two subsidiaries, resulting in the layoff of 677 employees. The closures affect Logistics Insights Corp. and Universal Dedicated of Detroit, with significant job losses among truck drivers, warehouse workers, forklift operators, dockworkers, and clerical staff.

Swissport Cargo Services, a global cargo handler, is also reducing its workforce by 235 employees at its Atlanta operation due to losing a contract with Amazon. This follows a similar move in February at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The Kroger Co. is cutting over 230 jobs and closing delivery hubs in San Antonio, Austin, and Miami due to the underperformance of its e-commerce grocery delivery service.

RXO Logistics is laying off 114 employees at a facility in Warren, Michigan, citing the loss of a customer contract.

Nosco Inc. is closing a facility in Carrollton, Texas, resulting in 51 job losses, with operations relocating to Wisconsin.

Ryder Integrated Logistics is cutting 29 jobs at its trucking facility in Romeoville, Illinois, due to the loss of a customer contract.

These layoffs and closures highlight ongoing challenges within the industry, driven by shifts in contracts, operational benchmarks, and corporate strategies.

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